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Modern Funerals

Over time all things change. Funerals are no different. Today the ways people honour a person’s life are many and varied. Timmins Funerals assists families in planning a meaningful and special service that reflects individuality and uniqueness of each and every one of us.

One of the things we hear the most when planning a funeral is that “we have never done this before”, in most cases people will only organise one or two funerals in their lifetime. Our experienced funeral arranger will assist you every step of the way in the planning and delivery of a celebration that fits everyone. The modern funeral allows complete flexibility and designed to meet your needs. Call us at any time to talk about our range of funeral options.

Life Celebrations Funerals

A life should be celebrated. Timmins funerals are exactly that. Every service is individually and personally designed to reflect and celebrate the life of your family member or loved one. Over the years funeral traditions and customs have changed. The way we say “goodbye” is now much more individual. A Life Celebration Funeral is unique and personalised to each family’s wishes. These are individual personalised tributes to a life.

A Life Celebration Funeral is the ‘new’ funeral or memorial service. It provides a positive focus on your loved one’s life while everyone says their good-byes. It celebrates life instead of dwelling on death. A Life Celebration Funeral allows people to laugh and/or cry whatever their preference.

Religious Funeral Celebration

Timmins Funerals arranges and conducts funerals for all faiths. Over 65 years we have built an understanding of the requirements of all religions and faiths. Today we have specialist funeral directors who have experience in all Christian religious, including Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox faiths. In addition we are able to arrange service for Buddhist, Hindu, and Chinese services. Your religious beliefs are respected, understood and conducted at Timmins Funerals.

Call us to discuss your personal requirements and speak to one of our specialist funeral directors.

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Non-religious Funeral Celebration

The one size fits all, old time ceremony that was offered 20, 30 or 40 years ago do not reflect the society and world in which we live. The term “spiritual” is one that we hear a lot when making funeral arrangements with families. The human spirit can be celebrated in no better way than to celebrate a life that was unique, individual and personal, that in a way that honours that life.

This time in no better way, regardless of individual beliefs to celebrate the life of a family member, loved one or friend is the ultimate tribute to their memory.
Timmins Funerals offer families the ability to plan every aspect of the funeral service to the express the life that was their loved one. We can help you design a service that reflects the life of your loved one.


Since the 1950’s we've been honoured and privileged to share in the most difficult time for more than 20,000 families, and to ease their loss in some small way. Read what they say about Timmins Funerals:

Our Complete Funeral Selections Include

  • Making Arrangements
  • Embalming
  • Funeral and Mourning
  • Service Planning
  • Overseas Repatriation
  • Funeral Stationary
  • Personal Touches
  • Music Selection
  • After Funeral Catering
  • Coffins and Caskets
  • Viewing
  • Funeral Venue Options
  • Cremation and Burials
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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